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Ginni Callahan and Axel Schoevers

Over the last two weekends I’ve had the fortune to be coached by North American coach Ginni Callahan and Dutch coach Axel Schoevers.

The first weekend (4-6 February 2011) was an instructors and leaders weekend run by the NSW Sea Kayak Club for the continuing training of its instructors and leaders.  I particularly enjoyed the lessons on how to coach on the Saturday which gave me insight into planning lessons to pass on my own skills where possible.   On the Sunday, we had an opportunity to tune up our skills on the club’s new deep water rescue techniques which I must have forgotton my initial lessons because it was pretty easy to do once I had it explained to me again.  And of course, one of the best things about an event like this is the chance to enjoy the company of all of the other leaders and instructors from the club in the very merry social dinner on Saturday night.

As an aside, I tried Dee’s Tahe Marine Greenland T and was smitten.  Most of us can remember our first time, correct?  Well Friday 4 February 2011 is marked in my diary as my first time and what is more, I did it more than once.  Hand rolling in a sea kayak. 

Last weekend on 12 February 2011, I had the pleasure of a full day, almost private lesson with Ginni learning to use a greenland paddle and trying to learn the forward finishing sweep roll.  Alas, I was unsuccessful at the forward finishing sweep roll but I’ve now got half a clue as to how to practise and with my lack of natural talent and flexibility, persistence will hopefully pave the way through for me.  The day long session though, did provide an opportunity to steal Dee’s Greenland T again and see if I could still hand roll.  I could and Ginni then encouraged me to attempt a butterfly roll.   I’m not sure who was more amazed in our mini-group but I think it was me when I was successful.  The butterfly roll didn’t translate to the more expedition-styled, high volume Mirage 580 but perhaps more practise will mean I can perform the roll in that kayak too.

Will the real Slim Ghoti please stand up

David standing up at Clontarf (Photo by Stewart M)

We were having a laugh after a recent oandora (7/1/11) paddle and practising a few things. Pride comes before a fall they say so here is me standing up in the first picture and the inevitable fall in the second.  I love how Stewart used his split second reflexes to capture the fall in the second image with my paddle high and my feet having just left the kayak.

...and the inevitable (Photo by Stewart M)

Broughton Island VII

I have posted a fresh page on my latest trip to BI.

Matt B has also created a pretty cool video of the trip on his blog.

Magazine articles

I decided to dig up my various articles for the club magazine and post them onto the website no a new menu creatively titled “Articles”.

Also, I finally worked out how to use my movie editing software and have posted a movie of the Urban Epic II under that trip.

Urban Epic II – Figure Eight

A bunch of us went on a brilliantly devised trip by Matt B to perform a figure eight around north and south head in Sydney, coming in the heads twice and never going out of the heads. How? Jump to my trip report under the menu: Trips / 2010 / Urban epic

Bought a new Mirage 530

On the weekend I bought a new Mirage 530 for my wife Lynda, who is just “getting into” kayaking.  Well, the kayak is new to me but it is actually 2nd hand.  It used to belong to Sharon B and she had done a millions miles in it on some massive trips around the Whitsundays and Cooktown.  The kayak has had a fantastic pilot for many years in Sharon and hopefully some of that might rub off on Lynda.  It is pretty much ready to paddle but needs a new seat and one or two things tweaked so, once that is done, Lynda will enjoy more kayaking.

I’m going live

Today I spread the news that my site is up and running.  Browse through and check out the various pages covering my trips over the past year or so – some text, photos and thoughts.  Feel free to leave your comments.

New Website Blog

I’ve discovered this blogging thing and finally figured it out with some major help to cover my lack of IT know how.  Here we go….delving into the world of text on my website…..

To get things started, I’ve put up some text to go with my photos for trips done over the last 2 years. 

My plan is to keep writing up weekend or unusual day trips I do to record what we did.