Sea Skills Revision

Heading under the bridge at The Basin (Photo by Tina W)

As part of my Guide training, I organised a weekend of sea skills revision with the NSWSKC Grade 2 paddlers.  The intention was to have 2 AC Sea Leaders accompany the Grade 2 paddlers and let them work on their skills knowing that we were around to pick up the pieces if needs be. 

Matt B and I worked in together.  Matt led Saturday group with Gary R, Neil D, Hans S, Ferando C, Shawn A.  I led Sunday’s gang with Anne M, Tina W, John A and Roger W.  Another group of paddlers went to Pittwater to work in with Ken D and Tony M.

Matt and I set up base at Bonnie Vale, Bundeena working in Simpsons Bay, The Basin, and off Jibbon Beach. 

Tina, Roger, Anne and Matt keeping it real in the heavy rain (Photo by David F)

The Sunday was forecast for possible thunderstorms.  They did eventuate and we saw it coming for some time and as it approached, we got off the water and sat it out on the beach.  After the lightning passed over, we headed back in the teaming rain.

We found a way to add an element of pressure to the eskimo rolling and these guys performed admirably well.  Rolling is tough for grade 2s to master but we put some pressure on the grade 2s to come up with a four person synch rolling demo under video camera which is pretty darn good, first time pass.  I hope you like it.

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