Childowlah Whitewater

19-21 January 2017: Whitewater Skills weekend with River Canoe Club and PaddleNSW.

I took the family to Childowlah for the weekend. River Canoe Club, Burley Griffin CC and PaddleNSW were hosting a ‘Skills Weekend’.

The boys were placed in a group with a bunch of kids their age. Kevin S and Sue were their instructors for the day. The reports came back positive and the boys came back knackered.

Thanks to Steven Molino for organising the weekend and all instructors for a great weekend of whitewater paddling at Childowlah.

Although the weather cranked up the heat to 40 degrees each day and we sweated it out of the water, it was a very respectable 16 degrees in the water that helped us keep cool.

It was a great roll up of ~30 paddlers from Rivers, Burley Griffin CC, PNSW.

I’ve thrown a movie together from the small amount of footage and photos I took on Sunday, mainly on the play wave a few hundreds metres above the campsite. I wish I brought the camera out on the Saturday too. A schoolboy error.