Beecroft Peninsula

GPS Track - Beecroft Circumnavigation

 Guy R and myself paddled Beecroft Peninsula anti-clockwise from Honeymoon Bay to Currarong on Saturday 28th May. The wildlife came out to greet us – dolphins as we left the bay, seals at Drum and Drumsticks, sea eagles were swooping for fish and battling each other in territorial disputes.  There were gannets diving too and even kangaroos were hopping about the campsite in the evenings and early morn.  There was to be no cave or gauntlet inspections as the swell and seas were far too big to contemplate that at 2 metres and peaking at 4 metres.  We broke up the journey with a pleasant lunch break at Gum Getters Inlet where we dished out the pre-prepared thermos of hot water for soups, hot chocolates and teas. 

After lunch, we went back to Drum and Drumsticks to watch the seals play in the water and lounge about on the rocks.  It was great to spend time drifting and watching the seals and sharing their pong too. Check out the short movie of the seals.

Seals on Beecroft Peninsula

On the Saturday after the paddle, we enjoyed salt and pepper squid and garlic prawns at the Currarong fish and chip shop.  That went down pretty well so we snared a 1kg pile of prawns and headed to Point Perpendicular to watch the sunset with our loot and some beers.  Sitting on the Point Perpendicular cliff top watching the world go by was lovely, truly a spectacular sight.  There were half a dozen climbers still enjoying their climbing when we arrived and we had spied each other earlier that day as left paddled underneath their climbing spot on the tip of Point Perp.  

Point Perp behind Guy

The instituted mantra was that the 1kg of prawns were to be on top of what ever we had originally planned for dinner, not in substitute.  So, back at camp, I ploughed into a nice steak sandwich on toasted Turkish bread and Guy into his own 12 month old, self made, pantry stored, de-hy spag bol.  Come to think of it, maybe I should telephone Guy to see if he has come down with any strange gut-borne bacterial disease seeing as his meal was sooooo old.  After all of this food, it is fair to say we were bloated.  Oh, I forgot to mention Guy’s de-hy apple with butterscotch and cream sauce…with custard for dessert.  And more beers and bourbs along the way.  So, being bloated, we needed an after-dinner ambulatory activity so we headed to Target Beach, a roughly 5km round trip.  On the way, we saw hopping bandicoot looking critters and a ring-tailed possum.  The beach was shrouded in darkness with the moon not rising till 2am.  The stars were out in force though.  Not seeing the stars while living in Sydney is, in a way, good as it makes the camping experience so much richer. 

GPS Track - Bowen Is Loop

On Sunday 29th May, we paddled a Bowen Island loop.  More seals and birds.  

A great weekend, top company, not much group spread to talk about, great location (one of the finest in NSW), clear sunny weather and chilly evenings.  All good.   

From To Distance (km) Time
Honeymoon Bay Currarong 23.9 4hr 53m
Honeymoon Bay Bowen Is + return 16.5 2hr 40m
Total trip kilometres 40.4  

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