The friendliest place in Australia

20th Jan:

I have to say one memory of our trip will be part about the long crossings and that Bass strait is one of the most dangerous waterways in the country but very importantly about the friendly people were are meeting as we immerse ourselves into the local community.

We are doing a bit of a tour of the community as well as the landscape.  Along the way were have met dozens of colourful charaters, all very friendly, happy to interact in a way that you wouldnt get in busy, aggressive Sydney.

There was….

David and Mary, the current caretakers on Deal Island, who offered us water, tea and cake, free use of their mobile and a chat.

Marianne and Judy in Killiecrankie, owners of the campground.  Helen opened Deep Bite cafe on a Monday for us to grab some food.

Pete, Pete and Pete from the Whitemark pub; one patron, one owner and one cook.  Gina was on the taps that night and Cindy was telling us of her mountain biking stories.  Meanwhile, the dog was chasing the white ball around the pool table; very amusing to watch.

Patsy looked after the Emita musuem.   A happy lady who offered us use of her car to visit an historic church.

Max owns the Lady Barron general store and chatted to us for a while.  Max is an ex-fire fighter from Victoria who had come here to retire 4 years ago.  Now he works 7 days a week manning his general store.

Rod and Lew separately offered us lifts as we hitched from Lady Barron to Whitemark today. Rod took us part of the way before he had to turn off on another road.  Lew took us the rest of the way.   Interesting road trip stories of catching crays on the hooka.  I think one only need ask for a ride on Flinders Is and it is available.  Only one car went passed and didnt stop for us but they were full of people.

Tonight will be a 2nd night in Lady Barron as Gary and I take it easy and Richard and Mardi explore the area by kayak.  I’m currently sitting in the Whitemark library waiting for gary to get some minor repairs done to his body at the local hospital.  Tomorrow we head further south to Cape Barren Island.

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